Friday, March 5, 2010

Around 22:30 (10:30pm) last night I was beginning a walk home from one of the most awkward and just flat out wrong situations I have been in thus far. As I was about 5-6 minutes into it, I felt my ipod would do my crushed and confused little brain some justice. So I began to fumble through my tiny purse looking for it. I was then stopped and talked to by a nicely dressed (top hat included) Italian man. He, of course, started to tell me something in Italian and gestured behind me. Confused but playing it off, I look behind me and these four young teenaged girls smile at me, pick my glove up and hand it to me. After saying my "grazie mila"'s, I continued to walk through the west entrance of the Piazza della Repubblica. My entire mood had lightened by that point. This man's voice was one of the most beautifully spoken Italian I have EVER heard. Those girls had the sweetest smiles. And the piazza was lightly brightened with a live band playing throughout the streets, mixed with a younger lady singing Opera on the street corner.I would have never experienced this if I had put my ipod on. I would have slumped home feeling sorry for myself on the entire 25 minute walk home. Instead, I walked the rest of the way thinking about how I needed to start growing up. I thought about how small things others do can no longer get to me. I thought about how I needed to begin talking softer in general and lose that "bitch" tone I get at times. I thought about how I needed to become even more independent than I already am, and mostly, I thought about how I needed to come home as a different, more matured person. I came to Italy to better myself. Emotionally and intellectually. And that's all that I really can do. =)
Other than that, these past two weeks have been full of fun activities. I went wine tasting, took a cooking class, and climbed the Duomo with my two favorites! Even though this past week as been, by far, my busiest school wise, it all paid off. Last night, after that whole mishap/defining moment, I went karaoking with my NICE group of friends!
When Jeannie, Lina, and I climbed the Duomo last Friday, the weather was gorgeous. The steps seemed to of been far more easy than last time I went with my family, so that's a good thing. Once we got up there and took a series of photos, we took a seat on one of the benches and sat there looking over Florence for about 45 minutes. I was so relaxing and so nice out. It was actually the first day I didn't need to wear a sweater.
The wine tasting class was pretty fun, they even let us drink the glass (hehe) so now whenever Spencer and I go out, we always do the wine test. Becoming a true wino! The cooking class, however, was even more fun!
I learned how to cook Crespelle di Ricotta e Melanzane (eggplant and ricotta crepes), Risotto Primavera, and Dolce al Cioccolato (chocolate cake) and O.M.G was it amazing. The rice pasta was okay but the crepes and cake? OOh lordy. Let's just say after the pictures were taken, the food was gone in a matter of seconds.
The next night we went back to Space (the SPIT show) and had SOO much fun. Lina and I danced the entire night away, literally, we went home at 4 =P
Tonight, I am attending one of my girlfriend's "all girls dinner party" at her apartment. This should be pretty fun. We'll be cooking a big dinner, sharing wine, and watching, I believe, Gray's Anatomy. Yupp! So I must actually go and get ready for that.I truly love it here. And I thank my parents all that I can for giving me this opportunity. GRAZIE MILA!!!! I love you all and you'll be hearing from me soon. Ciao.

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